Jun 20, 2013

Take a Chance and Roll the Bones with Shakey Graves Tomorrow

The day is almost upon us as 3 exceptionally talented, independent and all around swell bands from Austin prepare to take the stage at PromoWest’s The Basement tomorrow night. As you handful of dedicated Columbus concert attendees and RPM readers know, we don’t post very often and rarely prior to a show, so pay attention.

Austin has always treated RethinkPopMusic exceptionally well, mostly because of JPB from The Sour Notes and the 5 consecutive years of our locally supported SXSW showcasing efforts. And now its only right that we support what is an ambitious effort to say the least: Booking a pseudo-national tour featuring 3 relatively unknown local Austin bands.

So, we’ve decided to tell you all a bit about these bands and the close knit community that is the Austin music scene.

Rule #1 – Austin bands make the best concert posters, its a fact. Shout-out to Chris Biglake in Portland who’s art is so tasty we would eat it, but as a city in general, Austin keeps it weirdest.


Rule #2 – Austin bands are talented. Unlike lets say, Brooklyn, LA, Nashville and the entire state of Florida, bands who actually develop a following in Austin play their instruments better than you. Intricate guitar with thoughtful lyrics to match, remain pillars while the whole electro-pop movement that dominated NYC never quite got a foothold. As our dear friend Jesse from the band Isadora once said on a very similar tour we curated; “They stepped away from their instruments and the music keeps playing, thats just fucking karaoke.”

Rule #3 – If a bill of Austin bands are playing Columbus you should go, even if you’ve never heard of them. But because you’re probably only used to attending the CD 102.5 “independent” promoted shows that ONLY feature major label bands, we’re going to break down the lineup.

Shakey Graves – We’re not going to bullshit you, we’re here for Shakey Graves. Down at SXSW this year he was on the tip of many a local musician tongue. While his style of music may be incorrectly perceived as simple or lets say his method of percussion may be confused with that Mumford guy and his kids, its his guitar tones that are driving us mad. Despite a message to him, his “publicist” and sending along the below video to some of our favorite guitarists we’re still unsure what exactly is going on. So, instead of trying to figure it out now, we’ll see him and you tomorrow.

Marmalakes – We’ve known these gentlemen for a few years now and they are PROUD alumni of our SXSW showcases. Definitely not as folk as their touring counterparts with music and harmonies destined for mainstream appeal, Marmalakes as an opener is something only Wild Child and Shakey Graves on the same bill could justify.

Wild Child – This is a new band to us, featuring some familiar faces. Lets see, how do we describe Wild Child? Ummm… awesome!

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