Jul 24, 2013

Pics from The Front Bottoms at Skully’s 7/23

We wrote a blog yesterday regarding the awesomeness that is The Front Bottoms and it honestly fails in comparison to the set performed last night.

While most of those of the 21+ variery were at the free RJD2 show at The Newport courtesy of Budweiser, Skully’s saw a massive crowd thanks to an all ages billing and an exceptional band.

I’ve seen the Front Bottoms downsize from a three piece that included keys and a megaphone in 2010, to a duo of drums and acoustic guitar in 2011 and then to another three piece, adding bass in 2012. However, last night as a quartet The Front Bottoms absolutely shined. Looping and backtracked horns were replaced by an actual trumpet and the consistent bass created a more sophisticated rhythm to the set.

As always, Brian played to the crowd and they ate up every bit of banter without hesitation. There were a few issues with security tossing stage crashers despite being openly welcomed by the band, but in a relatively non dramatic manner.

The Front Bottoms have come full circle. From playing shirtless and in their underwear, last night’s set was the culmination of years of endless touring, massive amounts of natural talent and a true love of what they do. No need to define, categorize or understand The Front Bottoms… just enjoy.

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