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Aug 8, 2013

Baroness, Royal Thunder play A&R Bar

Words by Stef Best:

Progressive sludge metallers Baroness played A&R Music Bar in Columbus, OH, on Monday, on the first stop of a tour supporting their third release, Yellow & Green. A&R Music Bar, in the Arena District of Columbus, hasn’t been booking national acts for very long, but has quickly created a great rock & roll atmosphere. While the bar is expansive (including a permanent Mikey’s Late Night Slice location), the main level stage is positively tiny. The small stage allows for a close connection between performing artists and audiences. The decision by management to push the barriers to the edge of the stage increased the intimacy of the event. A diverse audience was in attendance, featuring everyone from the most hardened of tattooed metalheads (sometimes actually tattooed on their heads) to young fresh-faced proto-hipsters. Prog rock band Royal Thunder opened, truly living up to their name with a dark and stormy set. Mlny Parsonz’s bass-playing thundered ominously, while her voice alternatively soothed and roared over the bluesy, retro guitar riffs provided by guitarist Josh Weaver. Drummer Evan Diprima smacked away at a kit that was so thickly glittered that I was surprised I didn’t leave with sparkly specks in my clothes. The band did little on stage other than rock, only identifying themselves right before leaving the stage. Watch out for Royal Thunder; they’re here to rule rock & roll. This was not the first visit to Columbus for Baroness, but it is their first tour since a terrifying bus accident in England last August. Despite sustaining extensive injuries, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist John Baizley brought just as much spirit and skill to the stage as bandmates Peter Adams (lead guitar), Sebastian Thomson (drums), and Nick Jost (bass). Baizley happily bantered from the stage with long-time fans recognizable from previous Columbus shows. Several times throughout the show, Baizley and Adams stepped to the edge of the stage rocking right into fans’ faces. The entire band delivered a high-energy show for well on two hours, including a three-song encore and profuse, sincere thanks to fans for their support and enthusiasm. Baroness has been a point of debate among fans of heavy metal in recent years: are they rock or metal? Technically this debate has already been resolved by the fine minds at Metal Archives which only lists metal bands and is, as far as I’m concerned, the ultimate arbiter of what IS metal.

Groovy and catchy enough for rock, heavy enough to headline the recent surge in sludge metal, Baroness may just be the perfect crossover band for a new generation of rock fans.

Aug 7, 2013

Bob Dylan – Pretty Saro

Its about that time of year when artists release previously unreleased recordings, repurposed and repackaged, making it the perfect gift for that (insert artist’s name here) fan. Luckily for us, Bob Dylan’s newest release is accompanied by a lovely music video.

What’s ironic is that this was all released by the label, which if you asked Dylan directly he would also mock, that’s until he cashes the check.

Rolling Stone seems to think splicing together a bunch of old photos and videos is some sort of an artistic accomplishment. Nevertheless, Pretty Saro is an oddly haunting track and sounds nothing like the Dylan we’re used to.


Aug 2, 2013

Tonight Patrick Sweany Plays Rumba Cafe

Whether or not Patrick Sweany is best know for his association with The Black Keys is irrelevant. But if you MUST know, yes Dan was in Patrick’s band prior to The Black Keys. And YES, Dan “produced” two of Patrick’s albums post Black Keys meteoric (arguable unwarranted) rise to fame. Nevertheless, what isn’t up for discussion is the fact that Patrick Sweany can play the guitar better than YOU*


*Excluded from “YOU” includes but is not limited to Omer Leibovitz, Gary Clark Jr.,  Kurt Vile… anyone not The Black Keys. 

Anyways, he’s best know for this song, which undoubtedly is well worth a trip to Rumba Cafe tonight.

Aug 1, 2013

Pics and Video of Morning Teleportation at Kobo

First and foremost the new layout at Kobo really opened up the space, nice work Jacob!

Morning Teleportation started off their set with what could only be described as the longest soundcheck ever. I’m not sure if its the same routine each show or more of an ad-hoc jam in which each instrument gets a moment comparable to free jazz. Regardless, the best part was watching the confusion on the collective audience face as they didn’t know whether or not to clap. I mean, it wasn’t good enough to be a Morning Teleportation song… was it?

The rest of the set followed suit, with a combination of psychedelic jams that transition into complex guitar solos and “structured” radio friendly tracks such as Expanding Away. However, there was one specific synth hook that stuck with me.

It might have been the 3rd song into the set, but its impossible to know as there’s only a break every 10-15 minutes. Anyways, this synth hook was Asia’s Final Countdown catchy. I was so enamored that by the time I got my phone out to record it, they had already transitioned into the next phase of the song – sans hook. Anyone know the name of the first half this song?

Overall the laser light show might have been a little overboard for such a small room, but the crowd ate it up, so fuck me. And the sound was great thanks to this guy who just so happens to be in one of our favorite local bands.

If you haven’t been to the updated Kobo, get your ass there. Not only is it one of the best sounding and looking venues in Columbus, you can get a Sixpoint Resin for $4.50… drink a couple of those and you’ll swear every band is the best you’ve ever seen.

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