Nov 19, 2013

Columbus Concert Review | Manchester Orchestra at Newport Music Hall

A Columbus concert review and pics of Manchester Orchestra and The Front Bottoms

As dozens of tornados set out to destroy the entire midwest on Sunday night, a handful of guitars were slowly being loaded into Newport Music Hall… the later of which having much more sinister intentions.

We’ve covered the Front Bottoms rather extensively over the past 5 years and rest assured NO ONE is more committed to their art. Matt, Brian and the band live to tour and their show is the obvious result of practice. So get off the internet, pick up a guitar and hit the road already.



Oh, and for those of you who are suckers for on-stage aesthetics per EDM…



Manchester Orchestra haven’t played a Columbus concert in over two years and from my balcony perspective, it could not have come any quicker.


Because of the way this blog is structured, titled, written and promoted those of you reading already know Manchester Orchestra’s music and are simply checking out the pics. However, just maybe a few of you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this band live, which means you didn’t know that the guitar is BACK. Not back in the indie, intricate, reverb heavy, repeatedly looped sort of way, but instead the straight forward, melt your face as the entire audience bangs (not nods) their head in perfect unison.


Manchester Orchestra has a rare intensity that not only transcends the crowd, but also the band. And while that initial thought, that an entire band should love the music equally seems universal, its hardly consistent. Everyone can name live shows where a member of the band was obviously just going through the motions, completely detached from their bandmates… let alone the crowd.


Obviously not the case on Sunday night.


It could be the years of absence from Columbus and touring in general that made the evening so electric, it could also have been the actual lighting outside. And despite one of my peeves of concert goers singing along to every song, it was the roar of the guitar that drowned out the masses, but still left the image of a sold out guitar rock show once again becoming the norm.

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