Feb 23, 2014

Someone wore their Gary Clark Jr. t-shirt to a Black Joe Lewis show

After a less than perfect experience at the Arctic Monkeys show last week, I decided not to write a blog. The fact that my significant other bought the tickets as a gift only made me think, “why work for free?”


Arctic Monkeys


Actually, she bought the Black Joe Lewis tickets as well, HA! But Marissa personally misses my musings, Mike reminded me he wanted to shoot and the photos are fucking fantastic, so…



As anyone in Columbus can attest, there’s something special about Newport Music Hall. No disrespect to any of the higher capacity venues, but Newport is as big as I’ll be going for the foreseeable future. If a show gets moved to the LC I can get a refund right?



Anyways, the show was great. Lewis has definitely logged some hours on the guitar and its starting to show. Personally, I’m a sucker for bands with brass sections and when combined with proper blues in a great sounding room there’s nothing negative I can say about Black Joe Lewis or The Honeybears. Here are two pictures:



Oh, and the drummer is Omer’s doppelganger.



I hope I got at least one person to check out The Courtesy Tier, they’re good. Do you think watching Chapelle’s Show while writing this affected my tone? Well, below there’s a Black (and White) Joe Lewis and let’s all cross our fingers that the St. Vincent show stays at The Newport.



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