Mar 7, 2014
Andrew Padich

Lake Street Dive – Aural LSD

Remember the night of the Breaking Bad finale when you couldn’t sleep because even though you were satisfied with the awesomeness you just partook in, you still yearned for more? This is my current situation, thanks to LSD. Very rarely do I find a treasure like LSD, but when I do, I share it with everyone. I told a handful of friends about my discovery, showed a few coworkers, texted my little sister and told her to let grandma know. This is what I love about LSD- there really are no boundaries regarding who can enjoy its effects. To say I consider myself lucky for having the opportunity to catch LSD at such an engaging venue is an understatement.

I didn’t get home from the show till about 11:30pm on Wednesday night and figured I could save writing the review till the morning- considering work started at 5am. Long story short, I began writing the review at 3:30am because I could not sleep. The setlist constructed by Lake Street Dive left my adrenaline flowing; comparable to levels you would have after scoring a game winning point, or in my case, acquiring a BOGO coupon at Chipotle.

My admiration for Lake Street Dive without a doubt stems from the skillset of Rachael Price, the frontwoman of the group. To sound cliché- she is a special talent. Her soulful voice leaves you in awe, and anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar. It doesn’t hurt that she is, how my grandmother would put it- a dime piece. Fortunately for us music lovers, she has even more to offer with her vocals. She captivated myself and the audience from beginning to end, and not once did I feel like there was a track that her dynamic voice did not belong paired with.

Mike Olson, who is officially listed on their website as in control of the trumpet and guitar was not left in Price’s shadow, nor were any of the other members for that matter. However, he truly shined when he had the trumpet as his musical weapon. I’m a sucker for some brass, so belting I may have been vulnerable to its power, but it was near impossible to not feel like it was a gift to be present for each of his solos.

Speaking of solos, let us not forget the standing bass player, Bridget Kearney. It’s a shame she is stuck in isolation with that thing because the energy she seems to harness from behind the bass would be exciting to see unleashed- gallivanting across the stage with Price, one can imagine. Simply put, her solo at the beginning of the show set the tone (puns galore) for the show, establishing the fact that each member was a professional in their own right.

In conclusion, the next time Lake Street Dive is anywhere near you, go see them. The plethora of musical backgrounds within LSD come together to form an addicting uniqueness. Tickets for their show at Skullys were only $15 and fellow concert goers ranged anywhere from 17 to 70- this being just another testament as to how easy it is to be intrigued by their musical prowess.

  • JP

    After reading this highly-entertaining and thoughtful article, all
    I can say is that I wish I was in attendance Wednesday night. Lake Street Dive is a musical collective that is gaining the attention of fans and critics everywhere. From appearing on Late Night talk shows to touring the nation to locking up a spot at this year’s Bonnaroo festival, LSD has proven its’ appeal to the masses. I look forward to not only reading more articles by Mr. Padach but also experiencing LSD live and loving every second of it!

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