Sep 29, 2014

Craft Beer Sponsorship | Bands, Artists & Creatives

WANTED: Bands, Artists and Creatives for Craft Beer Sponsorship

RethinkPopMusic SXSW

Lend us your beers… rather, we’ll lend ours.

RethinkPopMusic has partnered with our favorite craft brewery to offer artists of all types the opportunity of a lifetime. If you are located in Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee or anywhere in between we want to here from you ASAP!

Do you have an upcoming party/showcase/art exhibit?

Are you planning a tour?

Want an invite to play our SXSW showcases?

OR are you simply the best band/promoter/creative in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee?

If so, we may want to sponsor your art with our beer.

What are we looking for? Creativity! We want to be a part of what you’re doing, actively involved and offering assistance when you need it. This isn’t a banner and a craft beer sponsorship. This is a partnership to assist you in the pursuit of your artistic dreams.

If you’re interested in a craft beer sponsorship, fill out the form below and we will contact you for more information if we’re interested.


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