About Us

RethinkPopMusic hosts the occasional event and writes the occasional blog. Sometimes we poach a bit from our friends Laissez Faire Club over in London. Sometimes we randomly rant and rave about the music industry, politics and people we are jealous of/admire. But most of our content consists of live reviews from the music capital of the world – COLUMBUS, OH.

Alright, we admit Columbus isn’t the hub of all things cool like NYC, all things weird like Austin/Portland or all things douche like LA. Luckily for us, most mid-level touring bands make a stop here en route to larger markets. And between the bookers at PromoWest, Ace of Cups and The Wexner Center for the Arts we get a decent variety of acts with a peppering of local talent.

Personally, we think most music is terrible – everything on Pitchfork and Hype Machine specifically. AND we hate the manner in which uber trendy turds write, ie HipsterRunoff – its alt 2 quirky. We’d rather watch the Buckeyes than discuss someone’s haircut. Yeah we get it, David Byrne is god or some shit like that.  As a result, this “blog” has the least cool, unsarcastic and straight to the point name: RethinkPopMusic.

As in, rethink your perception of popular music. “Pop” isn’t a sound or genre, but the ability to appeal to a broad audience. But if said audience isn’t exposed to quality music, it doesn’t have much of a chance to become popular does it? Hopefully the 500 or so of you that happen upon this site every week are bored with the revolving door of mindless content most blogs provide and appreciate our “quality not quantity” mantra.

We don’t claim there are  3 “next big thing” bands everyday that you MUST check out, because their aren’t! It’s really not fair to the readers, let alone the bands themselves. Expect a few post each week, though we would welcome like-minded contributors from other often overlooked markets. Shoot us an email! 

Additionally, if you’re a decent up-and-coming band and want us to review your album send it along. If we aren’t a fan, we won’t bash it to make ourselves feel better. However, if it’s to our liking, we’ll write about it and maybe ask you to play one of our events down the road. Taking no-strings-attached corporation money is the shit and you don’t even have to beg your other musician friends to spend theirs (we all know that’s how local scenes work).

However, if you’re an established band, or supergroup (we fucking LOVE supergroups) getting all sorts of !!HYPE!! we’ll shit on your head, literally. But how many publicists will keep giving us press passes if we insult their band? Maybe they’ll admire our journalistic integrity? C’mon! We all know they don’t read blogs, they just track press impressions and charge accordingly.

Honestly, it really doesn’t matter anyways because we’ll just ask the venue… fuck you very much.



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