Apr 30, 2009

The Vanguard make a video… full length documentary coming soon

Here is a teaser for the full SXSW video featuring “Burg” by The Vanguard.

Apr 28, 2009

Mow Crew Martha’s Vineyard Premiere

Taylor Toole seamlessly integrates music into the actual storyline of Mow Crew. Not only do the songs reiterate the mood of the characters, but the lyrics somehow fill in the gaps the dialogue may have left out. I have personally never been more impressed with the originality of a soundtrack, the multifaceted talents of the actors/performers and the ability to accomplish so much with so little…monetarily.

Mow Crew will have it’s Martha’s Vineyard premiere Saturday, May 9th. This movie is a must see for anyone who is an actor/musician, is interested in becoming a music supervisor or simply loves a good story.


Apr 27, 2009

Boston trip… according to Aaron of The Vanguard

FRIDAY night’s Emergenza show was the first night of our “Two-nights of the Bitter End Spectacular.” The place was packed; which was, in a word… spectacular.

Dear New friends – thanks for coming up to say hi! – we hope to see all of you again soon. Keep checking in with us. And this reminds me…..

Can I take this quick second to tell you all that I’m addicted to Twitter? Follow us here: www.twitter.com/thevanguard

Back to the story….

SATURDAY morning: Gorgeous day in New York. Head to Penn Station. I wait for the magic Amtrak board to send me to the correct gate. Did this board have a former life as a 1975 Yankee’s Scoreboard? Apparently, the train is running a little late, but i keep my eyes superglued to the analog digits.

BAM! – “11E” reads the board – Mad dash with bags and guitar. I still end up in the quiet car. Damn, how is this thing already full? But, it’s okay because I scored a diner seat – center table and all – and there is a cool group of runnergirls occupying the other three seats. Apparently, the Boston Marathon is on Monday.

They ask me if I’m running the marathon. I laugh. And then laugh some more. Then pass out. I always pass out on trains and planes.

Wake up and shake off my train slumber. Runnergirls have been sleeping too.
Hey, now we’re in Boston and it’s freaking COLD here! Dig my bomber jacket and scarf out of my bag and hit the streets of Boston.

Meet up with Nasir who is on his lunch break, grab a quick smoke, hug it out, and then head towards the Boston Common to meet up with Taylor (director of Mow Crew) in front of the theater. We scope out Sweetwater,where we are having the pre-party for Mow Crew (www.mowcrew.com) on Sunday. Very cool place. I’m glad that it’s more ‘bar’ than ‘grill’ although I’m very thankful for their generous serving of sweet potato fries.

Proceed to barhop around Boston inserting money in jukeboxes along the way….
The rest of the band and Bob finally get into the city with the van around 11PM.

More bars. More money in jukeboxes.


SUNDAY morning. Wake up around noon. Why did i stay out so late, and HOW much did I drink?

Today is the big day. Mow Crew premiers in the Boston Int’l Film Fest at the AMC Loew’s Theater. Very Exciting. And nerve wracking.

Hop in the van with the rest of the boys sans Rasko and begin the hunt for Breakfast. We end up in Cambridge and have a meager meal. Cambridge is cool though. Stopped off at Cheapo Records and scored and super cool Willie Nelson vinyl. I’m one cent short from exact change but the girl behind the counter lets me slide – but not without calling me a ‘cheapo’ – I take this as a compliment.

Back across the river…

Meet up with Taylor, director of Mow Crew, and Saara (www.myspace.com/youcanbeawesley) and we get to practice some tunes from the soundtrack in the awesome gazebo.


After warming up we move on the Boston Common. Beautiful, albeit slightly chilly, sun-filled day on the grass. We busk a little, playing songs from the movie while handing out fliers as Bob and Taylor film.


9PM: Movie pre-party at Sweetwater. The Vanguard rocks it out – Sorry for drowning you out Mr. Guy-playing-acoustic-upstairs! – Saara comes up and sings ‘Rio’ flawlessly. Awesome. For a second I forget that I’m insanely nervous about the movie. Wait, there it is. Let’s go see the movie!

Mow Crew starts at 11PM at the AMC/Loew’s theatre. There are well over 100 people there, who all seem to really enjoy the movie. What a great vibe in the place. People are genuinely excited. The movie looks great. It’s feels so warm. I reminisce about wearing Timberlands and cargo shorts for 30 straight days and long to be back in Martha’s Vineyard. Perhaps I’m in a general state of reminisce right now. But that’s okay. The movie’s over and the credits roll. My name is there. As is The Vanguard’s. Applause. Ahhhh.


Q&A a little with Taylor, Mike, Cleo, Saara, and Zorinha.

Head back to Sweetwater and tell stories and close down the bar.

Back to the apartment and continue to hang with the Vanguard and, somehow, find a pizza place that delivers at 4am.


MONDAY Afternoon: After the boys head back to NYC I meet up with Michelle at Paradise Rock club in Back Bay. This place is great. www.thedise.com. I can’t wait for The Vanguard to play here.

Very surprised by a band call Sugar and Gold from San Francisco. Very catchy tunes – maybe a tiny bit too much playback – but great show. Catch Of Montreal for the second time in less than a week. “I need a lover with Soul Power…”

TUESDAY Morning:

Catch a cab. The driver asks for my destination. “South Station’, I say. Then he turns to me and says, “Did you run the Marathon yesterday?”

See you soon Boston.

Apr 22, 2009

The Vanguard and Victor Carpetto are hard at work in the lab

The Vanguard are currently mastering tracks for the new EP. With the assistance of Victor they have finished “Both Sides” which can be found on RethinkPopMusic’s artist page. More tracks will be available in the next couple weeks along with HUGE tour news.


Apr 16, 2009
Comments Off on New shows announced in Boston, MA – New York, NY

New shows announced in Boston, MA – New York, NY

The Vanguard has recently added the following shows.

April 19, 2009 – Boston, MA – Sweetwater Cafe
Address: 3 Boylston Place – Map
Time : 8:00 PM

See Full Details

May 2, 2009 – New York, NY – The Bitter End
Address: 147 Bleeker Street – Map
Time : 10:30 PM

See Full Details

May 14, 2009 – New York, NY – Ace of Clubs
Address: 9 Great Jones St – Map
Time : 9:30 PM

See Full Details

June 12, 2009 – New York, NY – The Annex
Address: 152 Orchard St – Map
Time : 8:00 PM

See Full Details

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