Mar 16, 2009

I want my 400 dollars…

Guitar Center Sponsorship and Teddy

Mar 16, 2009

Day -1 and 0… AIDS

Day -1

            Andy, Theodore, and Timothy Fincher (world traveler) ventured to Columbus, OH to pick up our U-Haul… THANKS U-HAUL! However, they returned at 2:30 am with Theodore feeling a little under the weather. So they parted ways for quick cat naps only to awake two and a half hours later with some bad news.


Day 0

            Teddy woke up with AIDS… not exactly but he did shit his pants and throw up all over himself. After hours of home remedies, Thera-flu and some empty hope we had no choice but to throw Teddy in the van and head to NYC. We told Bob we would leave Ohio at 5:45 am, but the actual departure time was 5:30 pm. We arrived in NYC around1:30am and met up with Bob. Considerably behind schedule we navigated the streets of NYC to pick up Vic the master producer/sound engineer and went straight to the studio.


After meeting the exhausted members of The Vanguard, who were waiting for us in the studio, we started laying some tracks. The time is now 2:30 am. With Teddy on death’s door, an unfamiliar interface and still struggling from a lack of sleep we set up and recorded until the sun came up. After a relatively productive night we are informed by Bob that it’s time to hit the road. Fuck that guy! Time well spent for a first timer in NYC. 



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