Nov 14, 2008

mtvU Woodie Awards

In Preview of mtvU’s Woodie Awards show which was taped Wednesday and airs November 19th – I award a few of my own Woodies:

Lykke Li played 2 and half songs including a cover of A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?” with mister Q Tip in the flesh.  The first song “Dance, Dance, Dance” which gets the “most likely to be cut from the actual program, but probably performed because it’s her next single Woodie Award”, was one of the best of the night even though we were standing in front of the monitors.

Santogold (can I call you Santi?) who is often compared to MIA, performed a good short set including “LES Artists”.  However, unlike MIA, she preformed live and received less of a response for her performance than the MIA’s “Paper Planes” video on the award show big screen. (“Best live music video Woodie goes to MIA”).

Finally, when we heard Chromeo was performing with Vampire Weekend, we thought “Oh God, this could potentially be cool, but it will most likely be horrifying.  “Well, it was neither.  Chromeo might as well have not even been there.  During VW’s “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance,” P – Thugg stood behind his legged lamp keyboard and Dave 1 played the guitar.  After playing back up to VW, they left their lit – up – half – body on stage – the only evidence that they performed.

Chromeo (no, not the leggy keyboard) get “Best Stage Prop Woodie Award”.

Maybe Walter Meego can stand in the background during Chairlift’s set next year.

Nov 12, 2008

The Kids Really Don’t Stand a Chance

Vampire Weekend will be joined by king’s of cheese Chromeo to play VW’s “The Kid’s Don’t Stand a Chance” at the mtvU Woodie Awards.   This odd collaboration could be really scary ,or it could potentially just appear that way.

The 2008 Woodie Awards air on mtvU November 19th.

Nov 12, 2008

Paper Route

It’s quite the pill to swallow, imagining a heavy-synth, protools-loving rock band from Nashville signed to Motown Records. But with dueling falsettos and complex harmonies, the influence of early Motown greats Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder amd The Temptations are obvious.

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Nov 9, 2008

I have a new favorite band…

Thursday night I headed to Hiro Ballroom to check out the Cazals. I was introduced to the British Pop/Punk band from a good friend from London who runs the Laissez Faire Club and have seen them live a few times over the years. Thursday’s event was sponsored by The Hours, which is a record label/marketing initiative much like RethinkPopMusic.


The Cazals have recently released What of Our Future which is accompanied by an incredible video of Somebody Somewhere directed by Andre’.


I met Andre’ on Thursday and must say that he is as modest as he is talented. I mean, the single cut that loops around the block, the shadow on the animation and the changes of size as the torso-less character approaches the camera is quite cheeky.


Nevertheless, the true stars of Thursday were Fires of Rome. This band to which little is known, absolutely blew me away. The Bowie inspired lead singer belts lyrics “strings of your vagina,” with intensity as he seamlessly plays both rhythm and lead guitar along with complex piano arrangements. The set transitioned from Bowie to Zeppelin and from Queen to The Clash while maintaining a great level of ingenuity and originality. Check out the M83 remix of “Set in Stone.”

Nov 6, 2008

Passion Pit Will Rock Your Socks

When you first play Passion Pit’s debut EP Chunk of Change, their fun collection of electro – pop will make you wanna dance on your chair. When you go see them live, (and you are dancing on your chair! )you’ll be surprised to find more than a lone dude with his synth on stage.

The blogging bees have done nothing but buzz about how the EP was recorded in front man Michael Angelakos’ bedroom as a poor man’s Valentine’s Day gift for his girlfriend. What you might not know is that Passion Pit’s live set (and band) consists of 3 guys on 2 guys playing bells, a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer totaling 5 band members rocking on stage.

After seeing them now twice last week during CMJ and a few times previous, they are officially one of my favorite bands to see live. Theses talented guys crank out such a fun set, you would have to be dead not to enjoy yourself.

So if you’re not dead, and you own some sort of device to play music, than by all means go ahead, turn it up, and attempt to sing along in falsetto. But please, if you’re at work, you might want to get down off your chair.

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