Jun 19, 2014

Allman Brown – “Ancient Light” (video)

Directed by Jodie Canwell. The “Ancient Light” EP is out now on Akira Records and available everywhere.

Article source: http://laissezfaireclub.com/2014/06/allman-brown-ancient-light-video/

Jun 9, 2014

The Nelsonville Music Festival: Prefection

We came for Kurt Vile and fell in love with a festival.



You know that concept, something is so good that you feel no one else deserves to know about it? Well, that was my first reaction after attending the Nelsonville Music Festival. Even as I write this, I consider retracting my personal infatuation and regurgitate a generic band-by-band review… with photos.



Unfortunately for me, I can no longer contain myself. The Nelsonville Music Festival was, hands-down, the absolute best festival I have ever attended. NO, I didn’t have that life altering experience of losing myself feet from the stage with my favorite band in the world. In all actuality, it had far less to do with the bands and everything to do with the fans.



First and foremost, NMF was the best organized event I have ever attended, let alone festival. From the moment I walked through the single entrance point and were informed I could come and go as I please, I was in love. From segmenting the main stage viewing area into sitting and standing sections, to having a plethora of bathrooms, to turning a corner and walking directly into a competitive game of tag, my experience at NMF was perfect.












Photo stolen from Athens News

However, I was far from alone in my feelings. The biggest musical surprise of NMF was The Head & The Heart. While you still wont find me listening to their music by my own free will, they exuded such modesty and appreciation that I couldn’t dare write them off before having a listen. Not only did they deliver the most entertaining set of the festival, they couldn’t stop praising the staff and basically begged to be invited back… there’s no doubt they will.

Best Set: The Head & The Heart

Best Musicianship: Lucius

Best Solo Act: Shakey Graves

Kurt Vile: Kurt Vile

Jun 8, 2014

KHUSHI announced for Wildnerness Festival (7-10 August)

KHUSHI has been added to the lineup of this year’s Wilderness Festival, which takes place at Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire from 7-10 August. Follow the festival on Twitter for regular updates.

In the meantime, re-visit the original demo version of “Magpie”, which still sounds as exciting as when we first heard it.

Article source: http://laissezfaireclub.com/2014/06/khushi-announced-for-wildnerness-festival-7-10-august/

Jun 8, 2014

Robyn Sherwell: debut track “Low”

Robyn Sherwell‘s first track, “Low”, was posted online this week – and has already received praise from Breaking More Waves, Hillydilly, Killing Moon, Beatnik and Akira.

Catch her live at The Social on Wednesday 18 June supporting Allman Brown at his EP launch. Tickets available here.

Article source: http://laissezfaireclub.com/2014/06/robyn-sherwell-debut-track-low/

May 27, 2014

Nelsonville Music Festival Preview: Shakey Graves

The Nelsonville Music Festival starts on Thursday and we’re ready to share our absolute favorite solo artist on the bill, Shake Graves.


Shakey Graves is a RethinkPopMusic favorite as we have covered his exceptional talent when he came through Columbus with some Austin friends. And if you aren’t familiar, the Shakey Graves set up is a man, a guitar and a suitcase contraption acting as a kick drum, but housing whatever it is that gives his guitar that tasty tone.


And like our friends Lucius, Shakey Graves will be playing two sets at the Nelsonville Music Festival. On Friday Shakey Graves will play the Nelsonville Music Festival main stage at 4:30pm and then again in the No-Fi Cabin at 9:15pm. Without knowing of anyone joining Alejandro on stage, it’s hard to imagine there will be a vast difference in the performance. Regardless, if it sounds anything like this, Shakey Graves is an artist not to be missed at the Nelsonville Music Festival.


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